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COACH'S Corner, "Stage One":

Dear Friends and Children of all ages:

At the "Prophetic World Council of Temples" the "Chairman of the Board" or "Executive Director"
in centre stage will be God the Real, "The Spirit of Goodness", with all of Its Children (Angels) and not a Humanbeing.

All decisions will be made by 60% majority vote after Free discussion of the alternatives. And all will remember that to lead "City Hall" one must always begin on ground floor and work the way Up and around the foundations.

"City Hall" of the world is a big and High Temple and one can not change Its focus from the Top Down but rather from the Bottom up. This is a Jugleing act and the best Juglers get to be in the Inner circle around centre stage at the Top.

We of the Human race should all love and enjoy Competition, and win or loose we should all take comfort in that we all get the benifit of the excercise.

Naturally, we are talking about a Competition of "Hands down Intellect", and so it is only natural that the Elderly usually win, give or take a few years.

The young who listen and watch with Two Ears and Two Eyes and use only One Mouth will learn the most the quickest and stand the best chance of getting to the Inner circle around centre stage at the Top.

Of course we realize that the world is Multicultural and so Inner circle will be representative of all the different countries of the world and as such the "Society of the World".

Thanks for Listening, It was a pleasure,
as ever in, "The Spirit of Goodness",
B.H., M.A., L.W. "Saint Bill" (Coach)
Prophetic World Council of Temples

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