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COACH'S Corner, "Stage Two"

Dear Friends and Children of all ages:

There are three types of Psychology in society as a whole. They are 1) The Criminal psychology on the one hand and 2) The Police psychology on the other hand, and 3) The Main stream psychology coming up and down the middle.

The Main stream psychology is that of Gentle people (Gentiles). They win the war with "Hands down Intellect". Yes, peacefull co-existance.

The Criminal with his/her Left hand initiates violence to try to force Its opinion. This we call aggression, and it is a Sin against Humanity.

The Police responds with his/her Right hand, and wins the war for Main stream society. This we call Self-defence, and it is an Act of God.

Main stream society continues to "Lead the Way" up and down the middle showing restraint and self-control and many more characteristics of "The Spirit of Goodness", always using "Hands down Intellect" and never resorting to violence to win the war.

Thank God the Real, "The Spirit of Goodness", for the Police officer for always standing by with his/her Right hand to keep the Criminal under control.

Main stream society of a Country puts the Criminal who extremely overviolates the rules, in Jail and says, Turn yourself around.

Main stream society of the World puts, the people with Criminal psychology, in a small area in the Middle East and surrounds them with the Good guys (Police) and says, Enjoy yourselves.

Main stream society of the World then continues on Its way in Happiness, Decency, Prosperity, and Peace of Mind. Knowing that in God's Eye we are all "Saints" because God the Real forgives All, time and time again,. Accepting us All into Heaven, "Just as we are"....

Thank you, Dear God, Thank you,
"Saint Bill".


COACH'S Corner, "Stage Three":

Dear Friends and Children of all ages:

We have another analogy for you. You know, when you eat potatoes, It tastes like potatoes, and when you eat corn, It tastes like corn, and when you eat turnips, It tastes like turnips, and when you eat peas, It tastes like peas, and so on and on.

But if you dare to make a Stew, and put It all together, It tastes Delicious. Well, you know, we have Hinduism,  Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Zen, Previewism, and so on and on.

When we learn to understand as many as possible, the picture becomes very clear and beautifull. And life becomes a Joy amoungst Humankind.

Yes, folks, by Itself any Religion has Its limitations but all together the limitations are removed and It becomes a Big and Beautifull world.

Well, now we are going to add some Sugar and Spice to the Stew, and It will be Super, Super Excellent, beyond all expectations.

The Sugar and Spice comes in the entity of "Prophetic World Council of Temples". Yes, this is the consumation of the intent of "Previewism"..
Previewism is by the way, "Peaches and Cream" in the Stew, and now we have added Sugar and Spice.

The Sugar and Spice is "Freedom of Thought", with the emphasis on the true positive. Wow, what a Stew. Just beautifull and It tastes Super Delicious. Now we need your Contribution, to make It even better.

Chuckle, Chuckle, eh!!

Thanks for Listening,
as ever in, "The Spirit of Goodness",
W.J. (Bill) Handel, M.A., L.W. "Saint Bill".
Spiritual Practitioner

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