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COACH'S Corner

Dear Friends and Children of All ages:
"Saints" are children of God, serving God to the Best of their
ability, given their Experiences.

"Sinners" are children of God, serving Satan.

In which group do you Stand.?

"We are All Saints" in God's eye, and We look at Life through
God's eye.

Through which eye do you Look at Life.?

Some, 88% of people look at Life through God's eye, the eye of
Reality, and know they are Saints (Winners)(Positive).

Some, 2% of people look at Life through the Human eye, the eye
of Illusion, and think they are Sinners (Loosers)(Negative).

Some, 10% of people look at Life through Both eyes,
and are obviously Confused Hypocrites.


The Doctrine of The Shadow (Satan)(Illusion) is Dictatorship.
The Doctrine of Wise people (God's people) is Democracy.

The Doctrine of Satan (The Shadow)(Illusion) is passing away,
and within 300 years will be Reduced to less than a Speck of
Dust, because Its Servants are Now operating a Democracy.

Dictators (Barbarians) are careless and usually Strike the First
Wise people (Gentiles)(Gentle people)(Saints) Never Strike the
First Blow.

Oh, Yes, My Friends, The New Psychology (Doctrine),
P R E V I E W I S M as defined by "The Spirit of Goodness",
in and by "The COMPASS" by author: "Saint Bill", will be
Predominant throughout the World within Three Hundred (300)
years and All will live in Peace, Harmony, and Equality, Yes,
Happiness, Decency, Prosperity, and Peace of Mind, as all the
Countries of the World will operate a Democracy, and the
"United Nations" (U.N.) will be a Democracy of Democracies.
Ah, Yes, Satan (The Shadow)(Illusion) Lost the Battle.

We are Now in the Process of Cleaning-Up the Mess after the
Battle, and Re-Building according to the Will of God the Real,
"The Spirit of Goodness", with Its "Sense of Judgement", "Free
Spirit", and "Good Nature", . together with Its characteristics,
(angels), the oldest being The Spirit of Truth and the youngest
being "The Spirit of Enthusiasm". Ah, Yes, My Friends, the
Purpose of God has always been to make Us Happy, and Free
Us of Guilt, Fear, Doubt, and Illusion. Yes, to achieve Heaven on
Earth, so that we can become accustomed to conditions in
Heaven in Heaven. Chuckle, Chuckle, eh!!

Thanks for Listening, Folks, It was a Pleasure,
As ever in, "The Spirit of Goodness",
"Saint Bill", (Head Coach) A Servant for God's sake.
March 24/03/64 A.B.

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