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"An Eternal Trinity"




Designed to keep us Focused on the Basics of Truth.


Suppliment to "The Compass. 6 Volumes".

The EverLast Testament of God.


Author: "The Spirit of Goodness", by "Saint Bill", alias, Wilhelm J. Handel, a Servant for God's sake.





 The Sun in the Centre is God's Heart.

The Light is God's Blood.

Planets are God's Organs.

The Stars are God's Thoughts.

The Rain is God's Love, and

We are God's Children,

Playing in the Mud.


Chuckle, chuckle, eh, Folks.

Just Beautiful.



"An Eternal Trinity"

Life in the Womb, Life on Earth, and Life in Heaven.

as each is Eternal unto Its own, and are One,

as we recycle into and out of the Future,

World and Life without end.


We are all Previewlites.

We are on Target,

Right on, down to the smallest Atom.


We Split the Atom

and Blew The Shadow out of the Sky.

Now It is out of Sight, out of Mind, and out of Existance.


We have Peace, Harmony and Equality with God, and our Neighbors.

Freedom from Guilt, Fear, Doubt and Illusion, and

Happiness, Decency, Prosperity and Peace of Mind for all of Humankind,

Throughout the World.

By in the most part, Helping the Wealthy and the Well to do, to distribute the Abundance

of God's Food and Essentials of Life to the Needy throughout the World.


All to the Glory of God, The Spirit of Goodness.


Thank you, Dear God, Thank you, for true Insight and Guidance.




The Wrap-Up.!!


Dear Friends and Children of all ages:


1) Do you know what the cause is for the world being the way It is today.?

1) Answer = Mental Lazyness.

2) What is the cause of Mental Lazyness.?

2) Answer = False Instruction, in the Old Supposed Books of Wisdom.

3) Where do we find True Instruction.?

3) Answer = In the New book of Wisdom, "The Compass, 6 Volumes"

                                                  The EverLast Testament of God.

4) What kind of world is True Instruction going to bring Us.?

4) Answer = Utopia, The Best that Life can Offer.

Yes, Sainthood, and all that It means and stands for, For All.!!



The following is the Final chapter of 23 years of writing on the same subject of Psychology and Philosophy.

Indeed Presenting

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

So Help us God, Amen.


The Scrap-Book is the Final ingredient created by God, to Seal the "Program of Positive Thought" in God's dream of a massive and beautiful Creation, and this final ingredient can be likened to the Whipping-Cream on the Icing around the Cake.


The Icing around the Cake is a Booklet known as "Poste-Script to the Compass, 6 Volumes, and The Compass, 6 Volumes, is the Cake, indeed.


God the Real, is God the Creator, and God the Creator is The Spirit of God in Heaven, known as The Spirit of Goodness.

We are all conceived created and Born, as carbon copies of The Spirit of Goodness.

The Spirit of Goodness, has a Sense of Judgement, a Free Spirit, and a Good nature, in the likeness of God the Creator, the Good provider, and the Steadfast comfortor.


How did God create Us.? Well, It started with a Suggestion. That is right, God made a Suggestion, Let us Live, and that suggestion created a Thought in God's mind, and then One thought led to another, and soon God was in a Dream, and God dreamed of a massive and Beautiful creation.

That is right, in the beginning God was Nothing, and Nothing is Dead, and so God suddenly woke up from Its dream, and said, My Goodness, Let's do It, before I forget.!!


And so we know that God said, Let the Light appear, and the Light appeared in the midst of It.

And then within the Blink of an eye, all of creation was done, because the Blink of an eye is an Eternity, and an Eternity is the Blink of an eye.

And then simultaneously, the process of Darkness to Light, Ignorance to Wisdom, Illusion to  Reality, Poverty to Riches, yes, Nothing to Something, indeed, Eternal Life in the presense of God, Began.

And indeed, the beginning of the process of "Thought calling for Action", and "Actions producing Results" has now come Full-Circle, and indeed continues on the same Orbit, with the beginning of the "Final-Step" in the "Program of positive Thought" of God.

The Final step, is the final and Eternal Objective of God and Humanity, and that is to maintain and reach, simultaneously, the conditions of Utopia for all of Humanity, for all of Eternity.

By distributing "The Road-Map to the Best that Life can Offer", indeed Utopia, and allowing all people, the young and the old, Time to learn and Grow in understanding and Love of God's kind.

Utopia as defined by "The Compass, 6 Volumes", together with "Poste-Script to the Compass, 6 Volumes, and now finally the Seal, The Scrap-Book, is the complete Realization of God's "Program of positive Thought" in Its dream of a massive and Beautiful creation.

And indeed, now It is all on Auto-Pilot, continueing round and round on the now completed Orbit, on Its own endless power, provided by the Infinite Darkness behind the Sun and aroung the Universe.

All of creation, and all of Its Objectives have been fullfilled, within the Light provided by the Sun, and now on Auto-Pilot, eternally, on Its now completed Orbit, with Built-in corrective devices to keep us on Track and on Target of the final Objective.

Thank you, Dear God, Thank you, for continueing to provide true Insight and Guidance, made possible by your own Built-in Healing and Regenerating power, for ever renewing and improving, in quality and quantity of Goodness that we provide Society, God and the World.

Indeed, all in all an Eternal process callled "Life-Eternal", in every way and every sense of the word positive, in Body, Mind and Spirit,. Heart, Mind and Soul,. Thought, Word and Deed.

Amen, yes, Indeed It is done, and on Auto-Pilot.

Thank you, Dear God, Thank you, now, again, and always.

Now we will continue with the Basics of God's recycling program of positive Thought, Actions, and Results. Indeed.

Thanks for Listening, as ever in The Spirit of Goodness,

Saint Bill, alias, Wilhelm J. Handel, a Servant for God's sake.

Previews Institute of Learning. (Founded: Oct. 14 / 73 A.B.)(2012)




The Truth and The Way of Life, in Abundance.!!


Let the world know the Truth about God, The Spirit of Goodness,

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To your Email list, and click Send, Thank you.

They will Live It, have no Doubt.



A Simple and Eternal Truth, allowing us to achieve "The Best that Life can Offer".

Dear Friends and Children of all ages:

We all have 3 eyes, but we really only need 2.

One is to be discarded and cast-out into outer darkness, beyond the reach of light, and told to stay there, out of sight, out of mind, and out of existance,... However, needed to refer to for the sake of the Ignorant, Confused, and Self-deceived.

The 3 eyes are your Right eye, your Left eye, and your Mind's eye.

Your Right eye and Your Mind's eye, are both positive.

Your Left eye is a mixture of positive and negative Thought, and because It is a mixture It is in a state of confusion.

Note: Your Right eye is your Conscious mind, Your Mind's eye is God's mind, and your Left eye is your Sub-conscious mind, yes, the Underworld, that of the confused and Insane.

So, cast It out, and only talk to your mind's eye, which has and is the Thought of God.

Now we know, that God never Lies, and so when God gives you an idea, if you understand the idea, It means you can relate It to your experiences, and you know that you can Trust your experiences, because your experiences are your best Teacher, and so you can Act without Hesitation, and with Confidence.

When God, your mind's eye, gives you an idea that you do not fully understand, you naturally hesitate, but not for long, because you know that God never Lies, and so you Act according to your best Judgement, and immediately God provides the next step in the process of eliminating uncertainty.

The next step is always the clear idea that your conscious mind received from your experience. This clear idea then increases the accuracy of your Sense of Judgement, and so your Sense of Judgement remains positive and confident, and you forever Trust in God to tell the Truth.

And so you see, there is always a next time, if you did not do it right the First time.

And in due course, you become a Wise person and know that you do it right the First time, every time, because every time is a next time, indeed, a never ending process of Learning, based on Trust in God and the Instincts that It gave you upon conception creation and Birth, into this marvellous and beautiful world.

Thank God, for true Insight and Guidance.

Amen, Indeed Amen. Yeh, It is so.!!


Closing Remark:

Oh, my God, what a beautiful day It is.,

and what a beautiful state of being we are in.,

and what a beautiful state of mind we are in.,

Indeed all together as One.,

Indeed the entire Human race, now together as One.,

Indeed my Dear God, Thank you, for true Insight and Guidance, for ever and ever.

Amen, Yeh, It is so.!! Thank you.



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We need say no more.!!

Thank you, my dear Family and Friends, for Listening, It wa a Pleasure.

As ever in The Spirit of Goodness,

Saint Bill, alias, Wilhelm J. Handel, a Servant for God's sake.

Previews Institute of Learning. (Founded: Oct. 14 / 73 A.B.)(2012)


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